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Welcome to our redesigned website, hopefully you will be able to find your images easier, the thumbnails are larger,
plus we also found a way to add the finish time to each image in the Finish Line gallery, we hope you enjoy the new site.

New Site Design

Your Feedback...

Quite a few people expressed problems trying to identify themselves in the galleries of the previous site, so now we've added times too! If you know your approximate times at the stages of the Klimb then you should be able locate your image much easier now. Apologies for the small thumbnail image size, but that's just to protect our investment in time and resources to bring these images to you at an affordable cost, we hope you understand.

Ordering your images

Use the Galleris menu above (or below) to choose the gallery to view. Each individual image has a buy button which will take you to PayPal to process the payment.
As soon as we receive your order we will process the High-Resolution files and make a DropBox folder to deliver them to you. We will send a link as soon as the images are available.
Because this is a manual process please be patient, we will send the link ASAP.

The Photos

The photographs are taken on modern DSLR cameras and should be suitable for an 8"x10" photograph. You may use or share the photos of yourself for any purpose that you see fit, but they are still covered by our copyright and so are not to be used for commercial publication without our consent.

satisfaction GUARANTEE

We want you to be totally happy with the images that we provide, so if you are not satisfied in any way whith your photo, please let us know and we will refund your money with no questions asked.
If you are not happy with your image being shown on our site, please let us know and we will delete all copies of the image on the site and our system.

2018 Kusam Klimb Start

A few photos from the start line.

2018 Log Bridge at the 2-3 Hut 

The Log Bridge at the 2-3 Hut made a great place to capture some really candid shots, many people didn't see me under the trees until they heard the camera shutter fire.

2018 Kusam Klimb Finish Line

Finish Line photos  with the official timer to prove to the world how well you did.



Sayward, BC


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